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Organic Cotton Denim - Fast Fashion Shopping Guide

Aktualisiert: 8. Okt. 2019

While I'm not sure about how sustainable a fast fashion brand can even be, as their concept genereally stands opposed to the concept of sustainability, I am still positive about having to support their efforts, as small as they might be.

There might be various reasons why people keep buying fast fashion insted of buying slow and perhaps fair fashion, so if this is you, wanting to be a little more consciouos but having a hard time whilst trying this is for you!

I wanted to talk about how organic cotton isn't actually the solution of all our problems, but realized that is would become an enormous post. So I am now thinking of debating it as a Podcast embedded in this blog.

Anyways - here it comes. The guide to the organic cotton jeans, skirts etc. that are out there right now.



(not organic but recycled)







So while this isn't 100% where you might wanna be- it's still better than just randomly getting a new pair of jeans for the upcoming season. Why then still make the effort if it's not perfect and not 100% support worthy? I believe that it is important to show brands - especially the big ones where you can't just walk up to the designer directly and let him know about your wishes as a customer - that you care.

And by supportig their efforts and by still buying from them - but differently and only selected (conscious) items, you do let them know that the direction they're going in is the one that you will support.

In the end, of course it dosn't make a hughe impact if you buy that one jeans that isn't organic or fair. But when every consumer were to boycott the standard products the brands would basically be forced to mainly produce items that are sustainable.

Let me know about your thoughts on this topic!



All contents without guarantee - these are based on my feelings, experiences and thoughts. None of the pictures are mine - credits through links.

Advertising through label mentioning - unpaid.

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