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Zoodles Cabonara

Aktualisiert: 8. Juli 2019

Do you sometimes just crave for Spaghetti Cabonara? But let's face it - it's the opposite of vegan, let alone clean eating.

Here comes the solution: Zoodles à la Cabonara. Swop bacon with tofu, egg and cream with cashewcream.

I bet you'll love it!

Zoodles have been a trend for a while, the first time I discovered it was when I read Attila Hildmans cook Book "Vegan for Fit". I have been loving the idea of Zoodles and this sauce for a while, so I thought I might aswell share it with you. His version goes along with almond cream, but as I favour cashews a lot more here comes my version.

For 1 person:

1-2 zucchinis (try to get a straight one)

100 g cashewcream

100 ml water

1 package smoked tofu

1 onion

1 piece of garlic

Spices, salt & pepper, plant based fat

Dice the tofu into bacon sized cubes. Frie in a pan until it gets a light touch of dark brown.

Cut the onion into small pieces, squeeze the garlic and add to tofu.

Mix the cashewcream w/ water and stirr well. Pour into the pan immediately, otherwise you won't achieve a creamy result.

While letting cook, cut the Zucchini with a spiral cutter, add into the sauce all at a time.

Let cook for about 2 - 4min.

Add the spices

Bon Appetit!

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